The Upstate New York Science Librarians Group (NYSCILIB) is a loosely affiliated group of predominately academic science and engineering librarians in New York State. While we have identified ourselves with a general geographic region of the state, we are not bound by it, and we have had science librarians attend our annual get-togethers from as “far south” as Stony Brook University on Long Island. What ties us together are our interests in science librarianship and our interests in one another.

There are no membership dues and no officers. We take turns hosting a meeting in the fall of each year. These annual meetings began very informally over 20 years ago, with science and engineering librarians from colleges and universities around the state sitting around a conference table exchanging information and ideas. In time we created a more formal structure for our meetings, with a program and speakers.

During the year we keep in touch with one another through our listserv (NYSCILIB@LISTSERV.SYR.EDU), hosted by Syracuse University. If you are a science librarian in New York State and would like to join us, we invite you to subscribe to our listserv and come to our next meeting!



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