Parking & Logistics

Parking for the UNYSCILIB meeting will be in Intercampus Lot on Intercampus Dr. at the River Campus, University of Rochester. Download and print the UNYSCILIBmap.

UNYSCILIBmap1. Stop at the U of R Visitor Info Kiosk. From Elmwood Dr., turn onto Wilson Blvd and stop at the Visitor Info kiosk. Tell the attendant you are with the UNYSCILIB meeting, and you will be handed your parking pass.

2. Park in Intercampus Lot. From Visitor Info, make a U-Turn, followed by a LEFT onto Trustee Rd. Stop at the T-intersection, and turn LEFT onto Intercampus Dr. The entrance to Intercampus Lot will be on your RIGHT.

3. Head to Carlson Library off Trustee Rd. Walk back toward Trustee Rd. (where the T-intersection was) to find the entrance to Carlson Library. Walk up the long sidewalk bordered with trees on either side that you’ll see on your RIGHT. Head through the doors in front of you, and turn LEFT for the entrance to Carlson.

You can also call our Q&i desk at (585) 275-4488 if you lose your way.

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